Vini dei Cardinali Prosecco Superiore 75cl

Vini dei Cardinali Prosecco Superiore 75cl

 Extra Dry
Suitable for Vegetarians

    Suitable for Vegetarians

Type of Closure: Natural Cork

Current Vintage: 2021
Producer: Casa Vinicola Bosco Malera s.r.l.
Grape Variety: Glera
Winemaker: Casa Vinicola Bosco Malera s.r.l.
Agent: No agent
Vinification Details: It is produced under the charmat method: after the still wine is made, another batch of yeasts and sugar is added, resulting in a secondary fermentation which occurs in a closed and pressurized tank. This process preserves the fruit personality of the grape.
History: The grapes are selected from vineyards in northern Veneto, in the north east of Italy which is considered one of the most representative Italian region for the production of Prosecco.
Regional Information: The Vineyards are all located in the Eastern Veneto Area, where viticulture dates back to the times of Roman empire. The area includes also the province of Treviso and Venezia. The small distance between the sea and the Alps (100km) results in a peculiar climate where the sea tempers the chill air coming from the mountains. 

Color NONE



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