Hardys Stamp Chardonnay Semillon 750ml

Hardys Stamp Chardonnay Semillon 750ml

Chardonnay Semillon

Wine of South Eastern, Australia

Stamp Chardonnay Semillon is a medium-bodied white wine exhibiting fresh citrus and tropical fruit flavours with a creamy texture, delicate oak and a smooth finish - perfect with chicken or salmon.

Carbon Trust Carbon Neutral Certified.

Number of uses/Servings: 6

Bottle contains 6 glasses

Type of Closure: Screwcap

Current Vintage: 2021
Producer: Accolade Wines
Grape Variety: Chardonnay, Sémillon
Winemaker: Viki Wade
Agent: Accolade Wines
Vinification Details: Fermentation in stainless steels to retain freshness.
History: Hardys Stamp showcases our winemakers' blending skills, both from diverse regions and grape varieties, to produce outstandingly delicious wines. Stamp is at the heartland of the Hardys brand and one of the most recognised wine ranges

Alcohol By Volume: 13
Units: 9.8
Tasting Notes: A medium bodied wine full with flavours of tropical fruits, white peach and citrus. The delicate oak influence gives palate weight while allowing the fruit to show through
Serving Suggestion: Perfect with chicken or salmon 

Color NONE



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